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Full & Part-Time Opportunities Available.

Regardless of previous employment, exploring a new career in financial services has never been easier. Whether you are changing career fields or just need a flexible option for supplemental income, The Wingate Group Inc. can help you create a meaningful and rewarding future, with uncapped income potential and personal growth opportunities.
We are looking for candidates with a passion for helping others, self-motivated, independent, and possess an entrepreneurial spirit.

What this offers:

This position involves building a financial services marketing practice with the ability to generate high income. We offer an exciting bonus package, extensive marketing support and advanced training. We also provide case management and the ability to specialize in your chosen market. You will have access to a full or part-time contract, flexible schedule, trips and other incentives, and use of office space and supplies.

Join our group today and achieve personal and financial success!

To Apply:

You can Email Your Resume or contact Director of Operations for additional details.

4854 Woodbine Rd. Suite 1
Pace, FL 32571
P: 850.889.4094
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